Voting Instructions

The voting for both the 2017 Inductees for the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Internet Hall of Fame and for the 2017 Legendary Michigan Songs will open on January 1, 2017 and will close on midnight June 1, 2017.  These are two separate votes, and you are encouraged to vote on both ballots.

During that time period you may vote for five of the eligible artists on your ballot on the MRRL automated voting system. It's easy to vote. All you need to do is click on Vote For 2017 Hall of Fame on the sidebar and then click on the artists you wish to vote for. You can vote for less than five, but you can only vote for a particular artist once.  There are over 350 eligible Michigan artists to choose from. There will be lots of names you recognize and probably many more you don't. The top three in the online vote will be inducted into the MRRL Internet Hall of Fame in June 2017.

A word of caution. Once a vote is cast for an artist on the computerized ballot, it cannot be taken back.  Be careful.

Your ballot for the 2017 Legendary Michigan Songs works the same way.  To vote for the nominated songs, go to Vote For 2016 Legendary Songs on the sidebar. Select the ten songs you wish to vote for.  You may select less than ten, but you can only vote for a particular song once. There are over 190 nominated Michigan songs to choose from. The ten songs with the most online votes will be inducted as Legendary Michigan Songs in June 2017.

Once you have cast a vote for a song, it cannot be taken back.

Your ballot will keep you posted as to how many votes you have left.  Once you have voted for five artists for the Hall of Fame and/or ten recordings for Legendary Michigan Songs, your ballot will change color.  You will no longer be able to vote at that point; but your ballots will keep running tallies of the vote totals in both categories for the duration of the voting period so that you can check back and get an up-to-date accounting.

I'm asking everyone to please try to do things the right way.  Everyone who chooses to vote gets to send in one MRRL Internet Hall of Fame ballot with a maximum of five votes and one Legendary Michigan Songs ballot with a maximum of ten votes.

You will only be able to enter one ballot for the 2017 MRRL Internet Hall of Fame and one ballot for the 2017 Legendary Michigan Songs one time on your computer.

If you have questions or concerns, please use the contact information on the sidebar on the MRRL Home Page to get in touch with me.

Have fun and remember to keep rockin',

Gary (Dr. J) Johnson