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2016 MRRL Hall of Fame Vote


The online voting for the 2016 MRRL Hall of Fame and Legendary Michigan Songs concluded at midnight on June 1st. The Blue Echoes, a Rockabilly band formed in 1957 in Lansing, Michigan, finished first in the voting. They were followed by Cub Koda from tiny Manchester, Michigan, who was honored for his post-Brownsville Station career. The Woolies, also from Lansing, came in third in the voting. The band’s biggest hit. “Who Do You Love”, was voted a Legendary Michigan Song back in 2008.

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Bobby Rydell - Teen Idol On The Rocks


Growing up, I was a big fan of Dick Clark and American Bandstand. I’ve always liked Clark’s famous quote: “Music is the soundtrack of your life”. From the start of  8th grade all the way through my senior year at St. Joseph High School, Bobby Rydell was an important part of my soundtrack. During that time period, Rydell charted 28 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, 19 of which were Top 40 hits. Smashes like “We Got Love”, “Wild One”, “Swingin’ School”, “Volare”, “Good Time Baby”, and “Forget Him” were constantly played at school dances, house parties, and on the transistor radios tuned to the local AM radio stations that spun the hits of the day.

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The Michigan Box Pt. 2

This is the second part of the MRRL review of "The Michigan Box: 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels", the massive 10 CD collection of obscure Michigan recordings that were released on small independent labels from around the state during rock and roll's first two decades. Part 1 dealt with the first five CDs in the set, and Pt. 2 covers the songs, artists, and labels found on CDs 6 through 10. Many of the songs have YouTube links so that you can hear the original recordings.

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